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2017 NEWS



Call for project applications

Applications for project support are invited. The closing date for applications is 31st March 2017.  Details of the application process are available from the ‘Apply for a Grant’ section of this website.




The latest FEN newsletter is available  here



Annual Report

The first Annual Report of the FEN has been approved and is available here





Meeting of Board of Directors

The FEN Board met on 1 February to review projects, to approve the annual report and to agree the content of the latest Newsletter.



2016 NEWS



This first newsletter describes the three projects for FEN support at its June 2016 meeting. Two of these projects are grants for specific projects whilst the third is a positive collaboration with a national society of laboratory medicine. Support for further projects will rely on the level of donations received by the FEN and/or collaborations with partner organisations.




The FEN Board met (by Skype) on 23 June. The Board:

  • Reviewed the wording of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a national society for laboratory medicine to provide educational training and support
  • Reviewed two project applications
  • Reviewed the publicity and promotion given to FEN
  • Received an update on fundraising initiatives

Separate reports will appear shortly on the MoU and the project applications


29 -04-16

The FEN Board met on 27 April to review progress. The following items were noted:

  • Formal legal registration of FEN
  • The establishment of an operational FEN bank account
  • The launch of the FEN at the IFCC General Conference
  • The call for project applications with a closing date of 31 May 2016
  • Preliminary interest from three emerging nations

The FEN Board then took two important decisions:

  • To tidy up the FEN website and to add further images
  • Approval of the FEN Fundraising Strategy, opening the way for a fundraising campaign

Finally, The FEN Board discussed an interesting proposal for a joint project involving laboratory medicine trainees from emerging nations receiving training and mentorship from a major European country. The Board agreed to develop this proposal further, noting that it had the potential for expansion to other partner nations.



First call for applications for a project grant

The FEN Board is pleased to announce the first call for applications for project grant funding. The closing date for the receipt of applications is 31 May 2016.




Reaction to Launch of FEN

The FEN was launched at the IFCC General Conference in Madrid over the weekend 19-21 March. The meeting was well attended and included representatives from 71 different nations. There was a positive reaction to the launch of FEN, both from potential sponsors and from the representatives of emerging nations.