Apply for a grant

The Foundation for Emerging Nations (FEN) has as its overall aim to support programmes that help to improve the quality and delivery of laboratory medicine services, particularly in emerging nations.

The FEN is able to support projects in emerging nations that are organised by societies, groups or individuals active in laboratory medicine provided that the project will lead to an outcome that:

  • Can be assessed in terms of quality improvement, and/or
  • Provides a baseline for local support to continue the project

Projects shall be educational in nature and may occur at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Suitable projects will be in line with the overall strategic direction of IFCC, (see although the FEN is not restricted to supporting projects nominated by IFCC Members.

The FEN has limited resources and so can only support pilot projects or projects that will deliver results against defined objectives, normally within six months. The FEN cannot support salary costs for researchers, although it may support essential travel (economy) and other expenses incurred by researchers. The FEN is unlikely to fund projects that cost >10,000 Swiss Francs. Examples of projects that may attract FEN support may be found at:

Applications will be considered twice each year with closing dates of 31 March and 30 September.

Applications for a FEN programme grant must be made on the standard application form, which can be downloaded from here.